Dear Reader,

Welcome to Tokyo Food Odyssey.  Tokyo is a lovely place for many reasons but food is surely one of the top draws.  From the raw to the cooked, the sweet to the savoury, the street food to the Michelin starred meccas, the Japanese to the foreign, it is a perfect place for a gastronomical odyssey.

This Blog will give the curious a little eye into the world of food in Tokyo.  For those lucky enough to be here on holiday or living, hopefully it will inspire you to explore some of the off the beaten track eateries or less well know dishes that can be found.  More than anything you can expect to find restaurant and food reviews.  You will also find a few recipes and diatribes about etiquette, authenticity, shop design, and ambience.  Happy reading!


A couple of Epcicurean Tokyoites