Pescatore, Coffee and a sandwich in Shibuya.

Out in the middle of nowhere a nice new restaurant. I chanced on it on my way to the tax office. It appears to be brand new, and run by a group of youngsters. I wish them the best of luck. Brave to do it in the middle of a pandemic.

Was still bright and early so went with a sandwich set. There was a choice of two coffees, Ethiopian or Brazilian. I went with the fruity Ethiopian. That was a decent cup of coffee in my book. I have to say that all these funky blends and varietals have opened a new appreciation for coffee.

The sandwich was fun too not enough to be a lunch but just about right for a breakfast. I went with the sturgeon katsu sandwich. Sturgeon in Japanese is called Chozame and Zame is reference to Same which is the word for shark. So they were calling it the shark sandwich. The logo lightly seems to reference a shark sandwich too a nice design nuance.

The pickles and sandwich actually really did a good job of tickling the tast buds. The katsu is dipped like a kushi katsu would be. A splash of mustard and well it comes together nicely.

Worth a visit and like I say hope they make it through the pandemic.

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