864 Fukuniku Nikujiru Gyouza, Musashi Koyama, for those of you who are mad about Gyouza.

Bumped into this place of an evening while out riding.  The queue was about ten deep and the shop only has 16 tiny seats so gave it a miss.  On a second visit only had to wait five minutes.  The main draw is obviously the Gyouza but they also do some ramen noodles as a Shime (Closing dish to fill you up).  The guy who thought of this place must be Gyouza mad.  You can choose three types of fillings 80% 60% 40% meat content, hence the name 864.

864 Gyoza
864 Gyoza, Musashi Koyama

The Gyouza filling is lightly flavoured and the skins are fairly standard thickness.  You then get to choose from a whole bunch of options like Ma-Ra sauce, Coriander, Clay pot cooked and several others.  I took the Coriander 60% and the Ma-Ra ones with a Grapefruits sour.

Explantion of the fillings

In addition to the usual Ra-Yu, Soy Sauce and Vinegar, there is a special Ra-Yu which I recommend. Although it claims to be very spicy, I found this to be an exaggeration, but this did not detract from the nice crunch of peanuts and the additional flavour of the dried shrimps.

The sauces

Any way, what I most liked about this place vs say Harajuku Gyouza, which I also like, is that I managed to have all twelve Gyouza with a different combination of flavours.  I recommend this little exercise in creative thinking while you are eating. It made the meal that much more interesting and seemed to add to my appetite.  I am sure next time with the help of a few friends I will manage more than twelve combinations.

Ma-ra Gyoza, before
Coriander Gyoza before
After well worth the visit

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