Old school Japan, Denki-Bran in Ebara-Nakanobu

I was recently invited to eat at a small Kushi-Age shop a bit out of town in Ebara-Nakanobu.  The food was very standard fair, but the retro posters and retro drinks made for an interesting evening.  The highlight of which was drinking Denki-Bran.  Not because it was delicious but more because you rarely see it and yet in a phase in Japanese drinking culture somewhere in the Showa era, this was a very common drink.  The name derives from electric and brandy.  In essence I was told that it made your tongue tingle, so they called it electric brandy or in Japanese Denki-Bran.  I like the fact they have kept a super retro bottle design.  If you see it somewhere, it is probably best drunk as a highball but give it a go over the rocks first to see if you get the electric shock.  Also try out Hoppy if they have it an interesting beer substitute, which I am told is ok for those with Gout.  All the interesting things you learn on an evening out in deep Japan.

Denki-Bran worth a try

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