Great Marketing, Somewhere on a Tokyo Tube train.

On the train, look up. There is a shady looking guy looking suspiciously at the copy he shares a poster with.  The random shaver pondering his future.  Men’s TBC to the rescue.  Fully 180,000 users take advantage of their services, which one I am not sure but I am guessing not this service after I read the absurd copy.

“Every day 5 minutes of shaving or go to work earlier?  Your life will probably change! 1000 Yen trial for facial hair removal.”

Do we live a world where we really no longer have a clue.  What will getting to work 5 minutes earlier really mean? An extra coffee, an extra cigarette, a bit of banter, life changing stuff it seems.  And what is a trial?  Do they just do a patch randomly in the middle of your face?

The beauty of this poster for me was that the copy is so dumb even the illustrations face appears suspicious of it.

Great marketing never ends.

Facial hair removal course.

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